Visuals by Di

November 6, 2015

Motion Graphics and Animation Reel 2017

Visuals by Di

Thank you for stopping by and checking out visuals by Di. These are all clips from animations
I made last year. All of these are apart of my visuals library that I VJ live at concerts and music festivals.

This reel contains 2D and 3D animation. Some of it started out digitally and other pieces began as ink on paper.
My primary tools are After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Touch Designer, Resolume, Medium, and Tilt Brush.
Most of my animations are attempting to communicate the concept of  “as above, so below”, but I try to do it with a sense of humor.

If you would like to learn more about the different projects I worked on through the year
you can check out my project reel.

If you go to the projects page you can see each project listed. You can go to the individual project’s page
which will contain a description of the project, some media, and maybe some behind the scenes video.
This gets updated very frequently so come back often.

If you would like to see full music videos from Digital Introspect, please check out the Di Tv page.
There you will find music videos for artists like Yheti, Lusine, Secret Recipe, Sixis, Duffrey, and more.
Take your time and enjoy.

Thanks for everyone who brought me along for the ride. Last year was truly amazing for me. The funnest year of my
life by far. I got to travel to many places, meet many amazing people, and share my art.
The opportunity to share my creative side through this medium has been an amazing one. 2018 is already
on the way and festival season is rapidly approaching. If you see me out make sure you say hi.