All Holes Day – Wormhole Halloween

All Holes Day – Wormhole Halloween
with VJ Di



All Holes Day Flyer

All Holes Day

DMVU and VJ Di

DMVU and VJ Di at “All Holes Day” Wormhole Wednesdays brought to you by Wormhole Entertainment.
Stage design by Simple Machinists. Animation, Projection Mapping, Visuals, and Interactive Programming by Matthew Childers’ Digital Introspect.

An application created in Touchdesigner was the primarily VJ mixer doing all of the cueing, mixing, and real-time effects. The two outputs were then piped into Resolume through Spout for the final mapping. Most of the animations were created in After Effects and Cinema 4D, although there are a few animations created in TiltBrush and Medium.

Wormhole Entertainment throws a Halloween event every year where they try out new stage ideas. This stage was debuted on Halloween, but was built by Simple Machinists as a stage that we can use every Wednesday for Wormhole’s normal Wormhole Wednesday event in Oakland, California.